LeMystere Lingerie Promo

With such a huge number of lingerie available nowadays, it's hard for women to pick which one to choose, especially, this time of the year, Valentine's Day, where having a glamorous seductive lingerie is a must. But no worries as I introduce LeMystere. Read below for their promo and great tips for valentine's day!

LeMystere Lingerie Valentine's Day Promo

Does 'LeMystere' sounds familiar?! Well, in case you forgot or didn't know, LeMystere's 9955 Dream Tisha Bras are one of Oprah’s recommended and favorite things!

LeMystere offers beautiful bras, panties, and special occasion pieces—available in every size. Find the perfect solution for all occasions including smooth t-shirt bras, lacy date-night looks, supportive strapless, minimizers and maternity options, special occasion convertible bras and bustiers, and all the panties to match.

Known for their fit & innovative bras, LeMystere understand your need for fashion & function.

Now, rejoice because LeMystere has a Valentine Promo for all of you! You can get 10% OFF when you sign-up in their email updates plus FREE shipping on all orders! How great is that?!

As I told earlier, LeMystere understand your needs thus they provide these tips that you should know about special occasion bras to be ready for Valentine's Day - Every woman should have at least the following styles in her wardrobe:

1. T-shirt Bra: Nude is invisible under lights and whites, but so is red! You need one nude, one black, and one red. You will be smooth and sexy and no one will know what color you’re wearing under there. This will become your go-to work or for general Holiday attire.

2. Strapless/Convertible: This style is key for special occasion dresses, racer back tanks, and tube tops. Get a strapless that comes with a set of removable straps for the most versatility…it can also transform into a halter style and a racerback. Genius! Also, look for a strapless with silicone strips on the back wings of the bra. This will ensure your bra never slips.

3. Sexy Lacy Bra: This is the key style for date nights or just feeling good about yourself. Lace bras can be worn with heavier knits and sheer silk shirts for a flirty look.


  1. What sort of lingerie would you recommend for a plus size woman. I always have a hard time feeling confident in picking those sort of things out for myself. It seems like the bigger the sizes go, the less attractive the pieces are.

    1. Have you tried browsing LeMystere? They cater to plus size woman. Dream Tisha is the one recommended by Oprah so you may want to consider that.

  2. That strapless/convertible bra looks like the bomb! How convenient to have an all in 1 bra, not to have to search for the strapless!

    Ha I hear ya Alexis!

  3. Hmm. . . I don't have one of each color of each type of bra! Time to shop! LeMystere, here I come!

  4. I have such a hard time finding bras that not only fit well and support me, but are cute too. I'll definitely be looking into the LeMystere bras. Thanks so much for the review!


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