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Love! Love! Love! is in the air already as Valentine's Day is about to come. Every Valentine's day giving candies is given, but let's not stick with the boring candies that is available all year. As Old Time Candy have come up with some new but retro candies that is perfect this Valentine's Day. Old Time Candy offers old-fashioned candy from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, or 80s, yes it's still available after all these years! At Old Time Candy, customers can choose from Candy you ate as a kid, like buying in bulk, packing their own retro candy assortment in a Pack-a-Bag. They also carry party favors, gift boxes & Toys.

OldTimeCandy Coupon Code Promo

Isn't it a perfect idea for Valentine!? Eating candies while reminiscing old times with help of these retro candies from Old Time Candy. And to top that, Old Time Candy is offering 10% site-wide savings now through the end of February! Send Your Valentine Vintage Candy from OldTimeCandy.com! Save 10% on All Orders until Feb. 28th! Just use the code: VALENTINE10.

I visited their online store and some of my favorites are the Decade Box with Valentine's Day Box Top, where you can even put your personal greeting on it's lovely box, and this Glass Candy Jar.

So visit them now and you can see lot's of good sweet old candies! And don't forget the Coupon Code to save 10%. This is OldTimeCandy's sweetest way of saying "They Love Us!"


  1. Thanks for the link - it may come in handy!

  2. What a great place. Love the nostalgic candy!

  3. Ive never had this before! Thanks for the link would be good for an upcoming birthday!!
    Thanks :)

  4. Oooohh. Thanks for this discovery of old time candy. I love finding old school candies. I used to go to this candy shop that had all of this old time candy but it closed down.


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