TuneCore Album Opportunity

Music industry has been changed forever by today's technology. Before, only those who can afford or those with connection can get a record label and sell tapes of music.

But these days, because of internet and digital formats, anyone can be a recording artist, anyone can sell music, anyone with musical talents can be rich through music royalties.

One that is well-known and well-used, in digital music distribution, by different aspiring artist or bands worldwide is TuneCore.

TuneCore is the premier digital music distribution company with one of the largest music catalogs in the world. With TuneCore, ou get an easy-to-use, affordable digital solution to get your music distributed worldwide to top stores like iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, Google Play, and more for an annual, flat fee. With TuneCore, you keep 100% of your sales revenue and rights. And you get detailed sales and daily iTunes reports so you can track your success. Withdraw your funds anytime.

TuneCore Compilation Album

To celebrate Valentines Day, TuneCore will be launching a compilation album of different TuneCore Artists that will reach thousands of music lovers worldwide. They want to highlight the great independent music being made by TuneCore Artists. This album will be called "All About Love."

Guidelines to join:
1. Your track must be a new release distributed through TuneCore.
2. The theme of your song must be related to Valentine's Day or love.
3. Artists can only submit one track each.

If you are an artist that wants to be included in this great album then you better fill out the form now here. Submission Form Deadline is midnight EST, February 3, 2014. More details can be found here.


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