Quirky Products: For Kitchen

This is the second installment for our quirky products post where I will be sharing some unique and innovative items I found online that is worth sharing to everyone. This time, I will be sharing some quirky products for kitchen or food related.

Tactical BBQ Fork

This BBQ tool comes with a built in laser/flashlight combo so you can skewer a select piece of meat with accuracy while cooking at night. Kids will love this so you can make them do grilling chores with ease.

Toaster Egg Poacher

Make your favorite breakfast sandwiches at home in minutes. The Egg & Muffin Toaster brings innovation to the toaster category by combining the functions of a toaster and an egg poacher into one appliance.

Mini Donut Maker

This Automatic Mini Donut Factory allows you to cook hot and tasty mini donuts in your own kitchen! Your family and friends will enjoy watching the donuts form, cook and travel down the donut slide.

Digital Spoon Scale

A revolutionary way to measure ingredients. It has a Stainless Steel housing with a detachable scoop for easy cleaning and can measure up to an accumulative 105-ounce with a one time measure of 10-ounce.

Indoor Smokeless Barbeque Grill

An indoor cooking system that uses a gas or electric stove element to grill up all your BBQ favourites.

Pencil Sharpener Peeler

Looking for all the world like something out of a giant’s pencil case, the Karoto Peeler is a stationary-style kitchen accessory that lets you create culinary curls, swirls and wickedly sharp vegetable weapons. Impress those pasty, pompous neighbors with your elegant vegetable designs.

Cherry Pitter

Traditionally, pitting cherries is a messy job. The Talisman Designs Cherry Chomper is compact, fun to use, mess-free, and kid-friendly. It features a plunger-type action that pushes the cherry pit and residual juice into the bottom container of the pitter. To pit a cherry, simply insert it into the Cherry Chomper’s mouth, press down the head, and release.

BBQ Meatball Grilling Basket

With Outset's Meatball Basket you can grill your meatballs while keeping them safely in place with the basket's locking mechanism.
The Go Plate

The solution for networking, tailgating, wedding parties .... eat, drink and move about freely while eating and drinking. Same plate works with standard bottles, cans, & cups.

Draft Beer Faucet

This beer shank and draft beer faucet combo make a convenient, high-quality replacement set for your draft system. The faucet has an attractive chrome finish, brass lever, and sleek black handle made of durable plastic.

Let's end this list with two warming coffee mugs - have a little human interaction into your morning with the holding hands coffee mug and this coffee mug with glove-like ergonomic handle.


  1. I really like the digital spoon scale for baking. Weights are more accurate than volume measurements. The other gadgets are cool too.

  2. I want that toaster and egg poacher in one. So useful!

  3. The go plate is hilarious!! It is funny yet practical.
    Thanks for sharing these.

  4. BBQ Meatball Grilling Basket I would love to try this when we are cooking for the family they love meatballs.

  5. Oh wow! These are some interesting products! Not sure I would be running out to buy any of them, but I am sure a mini donut maker is a need!!

  6. i really like all of these products. they look unusual but very helpful.

  7. My husband does not need confirmation from this list of quirky products for the kitchen that I am a gadget maniac. But I think with the exception of the cherry pitter which would be a help for cherry pie bakers that I could say no to this particular grouping.

  8. Thanks for showing us some useful little gadgets. My husband would love that Tactical BBQ Fork. He's always out grilling something at all hours of the night.

  9. I love the indoor bbq grill. my husband would love it!

  10. These kitchen products look very useful. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I love the spoon scale! I've been trying to keep track of exactly what I'm eating lately, so that would be a huge help. My other favorite is is the pencil sharpener peeler - that would make peeling WAY easier, and my fingers would appreciate it.

  12. i want the go plate and Toaster Egg Poacher

  13. thischickwins said:
    that Toaster Egg Poacher looks like such a dorm room appliance. a little silly since I have a stove but I'm curious to see how it cooks the egg.

    thischickwins at gmail dot com

  14. The Smokeless BBQ Grill looks awesome!

  15. The digital spoon is cool, pricey, but cool.

  16. The go plate is so fun! That would make parties a billion times easier :)

  17. egg poacher & toaster?Love it & got to have it!


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