Quirky Products: iPhone Lovers

I love my iPhone! For me, it is the best smartphone in terms of durability, memory, app access, internet, touch screen, and retina. I know it's expensive compared to other smartphone but it's worth every penny. Anyway, I created this post to share some quirky products I found online that is for iPhone users and lovers. Enjoy!


Turn your fridge into an huge iPhone with this cool apps inspired magnets. Each pack contains 18 beautiful magnets.


Great to place in front of your door. Only downside is that it's not interactive, it won't open the door if you slide your feet across. LOL.


Pocket Projector for iPhone 4 Devices. Easy to use - just dock your iPhone 4 device and project videos or iPhone Photo Slide Shows onto any surface.


Pinball Magic is powered by iPhone and iPod touch, just connect it into the 30-pin connector.


It will not cover the flash of your iPhone4. Specially designed for iPhone 4 iPhone 4S, and also compatible with any phone camera with lens smaller than 8.5mm. Magnification: Wide 0.67X + Super Macro.


Brand new cool dock fan for your iPhone iPod iPad. The Fan is rotatable, and the wing is soft, so it is safe.

$74.99 - On Sale: $14.85

The WOW-Keys keyboard from Omnio is a full-sized, QWERTY PC and Mac keyboard for the iPhone and iPod. Use the full-sized QWERTY keyboard to allow you to input text into your iPhone from its keys.

That's it! Tell me through comment, what do you think of these products or if you want to recommend other iPhone accessories and inspired products!


  1. I love the unlock doormat and the full sized keyboard! the full sized keyboard would be great for getting work done on the go!

  2. I love the Magnetic 0.67X Wide Angle lens! Being a new photographer, I'm always looking for fun, cool things that I can add to my iPhone to make picture taking more quality on my phone.

  3. wow these are some really cool gadgets :) love the fridge magnets, they are my favorite so far ;) hehe thanks for share @tisonlyme143

  4. I think that the magnets are colorful and would make a great addition to a kitchen fridge or any magnetic board.

  5. Lol I love the magnets! They would be adorable on a diy magnet board toy for kids!

  6. Thanks for sharing these! I had never heard of these apps!


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