TuneCore Refer-A-Friend Program (Discontinued)

UPDATE: Refer-A-Friend program has been discontinued by Tune Core.

To all the artists out there, I have shown you before about how great Tune Core is through TuneCore Artists Making their mark in 2013 Infographic. But this time I want to inform you all - artist or not - muscicians or not - about this great opportunity to earn money through TuneCore - the TuneCore Refer-A-Friend Program.

TuneCore Refer-A-Friend Program

TuneCore's Refer-A-Friend program rewards you with CASH every time your friends distribute their music for the first time or purchase TuneCore Publishing Administration! How's that?! Earning money through refferal while helping your muscician or artist friend to make money out of through their music! You can get as much as $25 for each friend you refer!

All you have to do is create an account in TuneCore or login to your TuneCore account and go to tunecore.com/friends. Then create your personalized referral link and share it on Facebook, Twitter, email, or wherever else you connect with your friends. If one of your friends uses your link to sign up and then pays TuneCore to distribute music for the first time, you will get the cash. That's It! Your cash rewards show up in the balance of your TuneCore account.

And please don't let this opportunity pass as you'll never know may be one of your Facebook Friend or Twitter Follower is a secret artist.


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