Mighty Leaf Tea Review

Do you like tea? Me? I prefer tea over coffee because I like the aroma and health benefits that it gives. So imagine my delight when one of Mighty Leaf Tea's representative offered to send me tea samples for review.

About the Company: Mighty Leaf Tea was started by husband and wife Gary Shinner and Jill Portman. They were running a tea house, Tea & Company, before they decided to close it down and launch Mighty Leaf Tea. During the Tea & Company days they listened to their customers and decided to fill their needs and wants by creating their own tea company, the Mighty Leaf Tea. You can learn more about Mighty Leaf Tea here.

Mighty Leaf Tea Review

In my sample package, I received one tea pouches of each flavors in their Master Tea Pouch Sampler (the one we giveaway last year). Organic Spring Jasmine, Green Tea Tropical, Organic Green Dragon, White Orchard, Organic Darjeeling Estate, Organic Earl Grey, Orange Dulce, Organic African Nectar with Rooibos, Organic Detox, Chamomile Citrus, and Rainforest Maté. With some brochure for more info about their teas and services.

Mighty Leaf Tea - Organic African Nectar with Rooibos Review

I picked the Organic African Nectar with Rooibos to try. I opened the pack and I was surprised with the tea bags. It's not the regular tea bags that will see. It was big, silky and gorgeous. All tea bag comes with an instruction tag that is hand-stitched NOT stapled. As for the flavor? It is simply amazing! So flavorful! It has a classic rooibos taste with just a hint of tropical flavoring.

With that, I'd give Mighty Leaf Tea 4.5 Stars. Why not 5? Because I want more teas! No just kidding, I'm giving them 5 Stars for the quality of their teas and it's packaging plus their support on sustainable farming and artisans, & to their communities worldwide.


  1. Would love to try their Organic African Nectar with Roobos. It sounds divine and well worth the experience. Love my teas!

  2. My husband and I love tea and drink it as often as we can. There is something better about the taste of tea and I believe that it actually will improve your mood. We are addicted to the loose leaf tea and will never turn back. After reading your review on Mighty Leaf Tea I will have to get some and I am sure we will enjoy it as much as you did. You spoke so fondly of the sampler pack that I will make that my first purchase. Thank you for being this tea company to my attention.


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