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Are your memories trapped in old technologies? We've got a solution to free them so it can be shared for years to come to your friends and future generations.

Since the invention of camera, we've been keen to preserving memories. From birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries to weekend getaway and summer vacations we all take a visual record to preserve such happy memories. Saving those memories for future generations to enjoy and share is great but for most people their memories are trapped. They maybe trapped in your old MINIDV Tapes, Super 8 Films, or old negatives. So what you want is to free these memories from old technologies so it can be shared for years to come to your friends and future generations.

One company specializing in these service is Southtree. Southtree preserves outdated memories – tapes, film, photos, and audio – into digital keepsakes that are both safe and usable. Founded with the desire to find simple, technology and design-driven ways to reconnect people with things that matter most, but that are being lost.

So what are you waiting for? Dig those memory boxes to search for old tapes, films, photos, & audio and restore that memory with Southtree. You may discover new things from your past.

Good news! Southtree is offering a 25% OFF on any order. Just use this code: blog25. This promo expires July 15, 2014. So start digging now! Because whatever format you've got, Southtree got you covered!

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  1. we have fmaily tapes and then i have cd on the now but i am doing faily tree two


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