Toe Joez Sandals Giveaway

Summary: One winner will get Toe Joez Sandals. Giveaway is Open to US residents only and will run until June 21, 2014. Join via the rafflecopter below.

Welcome to Toe Joez Giveaway! Sponsored by Toe Joez and Hosted by Economical Mommy.

Toe Joez Sandals Giveaway

With summer here and flip-flops in demand. It can sometimes be hard to find a pair that not just fits your feet but also don't 'flip flop' all over the place. These particular Sandals are amazing because you can actually run in them and not have them slip off. They STAY on your FEET!

Toe Joez Sandals Giveaway

So, in the excitement of summer and being able to wear sandals again Toe Joez is sponsoring a giveaway and is giving away a pair of their sandals to ONE lucky winner. This giveaway is open to all US residents that are 18+. You can enter this giveaway EVERY day from June 12th until June 21st. Have Fun everyone and let the flip-flops stay on. You can enter the giveaway below.

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