TuneCore Artists Merchandise!

TuneCore is unstoppable in helping their artists in anyway possible to fulfill their dreams and earn money! Just before this month of November ends, TuneCore unveils the newest service - MerchLink.

TuneCore Now Offers Merch to Artists!

MerchLink is an artist's single source for all their fan merchandise needs. MerchLink gives artists easy access to fan-favorite merch items -- made-to-order t-shirts, hats, drinkware and more. Artists can purchase customized, high-quality products at artist-friendly prices that are backed by reliable customer service. It's one of the best ways to get fans to promote an artist! You can read more about this TuneCore's newest service here.

Woops! There's a good news! They are celbrating the launch of MerchLink by giving away a 10% off on one purchase! Just use the code merchlink10. This sale is avaialble until November 30 so go and shop now!


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