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(as of May 9, 2015)

The majority of our readers comes from USA and Canada. Female, ages 18-30. Most visitors use Chrome as their browser and Windows Operating System.

There are three (3) types of Sponsored Post Services that we can offer you. Please read below.

➻ Giveaway Sponsorship Post: We will provide the content for the giveaway post (about your website or business or any topic of your choice) and we'll put together a giveaway which will be published together with the post and promoted across all our social media pages. the giveaway will accept entries via entry-form widget - Rafflecopter.

If you allow, we may ask a group of bloggers to join us in the giveaway. This group of bloggers will publish your giveaway on each of their blogs. This will ensure that your brand/product/service will get instant exposure to the readers of the entire group of bloggers.

Sponsor are responsible for providing and shipping of the giveaway prize(s) directly to the winner. Prize must be worth $25 and above. You may limit the giveaway to a certain country only.

To comply with sweepstakes laws, we are required to keep the mandatory entry into our giveaways simple. Our mandatory entry will ask the entrant to enter their email address. Once the mandatory entry is completed, the extra entries open up. As a sponsor, your entries will be listed at the top (Twitter Profile Follow, Facebook Page like, Visit your site or whatever else you'd like to ask entrants to do) with a weighted point value to entice entrants to do them. Listed after the sponsor entries are the entries for Bloggieaway and the entries for the other participating bloggers, if there are. Sponsor entries are unlimited.

➻ Basic Sponsored Post: We will provide the content for the post about your website or business or any topic of your choice.

➻ Guest Sponsored Posts: You will provide a unique pre-written content for the post.

May include link/s to your website or business or a third-party website. All links will be "nofollow". You can provide an image but we may include additional images to enhance the view of the post. Additional images will be subject for your approval.

We do accept any kind of sponsored post as long as the content is family-friendly. From promos or special sale that you would like to advertise OR books you want to promote OR press release that you would like to share to our readers. We reserve the right to reject anything we don’t feel to share to our readers.

Contact us to for pricing. Payments must be sent via PayPal within 24 hours after the content is posted. A disclosure will be provided at the bottom of sponsored posts per FTC regulations.

Here are some of the giveaway sponsors we had in the past:
  • MightyLeaf Tea
  • HeyDude Shoes
  • Yarn Over Shop
  • Yoyo Lipgloss

Advertising Info:

Thank-you for your interest in advertising with BloggieAway. Please view our two (2) Ad Spots Rates below.

Left-Sidebar Ad Right-Sidebar Ad
160x600 250x250
Runs For 30 Days Runs For 30 Days
$30 $20

Please contact us to know more about our service, need more details, or for other services we can offer to you.
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