Incandescent Light Ban

Are you still using incandescent light bulbs? Or do you know someone who still does? Did you know that Governments around the globe have decided to phase out incandescent light bulbs for general lighting in favor of more cost effective and energy-efficient lighting alternatives?!

Watch this video where an 8-year old Jill uses her lighting smarts to talk some sense into her parents, who are still using (far too many) traditional incandescent light bulbs in their home.


  1. We've gotten rid of all our incandescent light bulbs except for the one that keeps our Gecko warm :)

  2. OhGod Again something else. I can not see anything with the green lights. I need the traditional lights.

  3. Cost effective light bulbs are the best!

  4. I continue to use incandescent bulbs. I know they use a lot of energy, but the new lights hurt my head. I can "see" the vibrations of the lights. I have been told the more expensive ones will not do that. I will have to try them out. Guess I will be forced soon enough :)

  5. I prefer incandescent. The "energy-efficient" bulbs die too quickly and definitely do not last as long as promised. Plus the mercury in CFC bulbs is scary. I will use incandescent until no longer available.


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