Heroes of the City Baby App Review

Ruda Ett DVD AB Publications, creator of an all-in-one - safe and fun - children's application, released a Baby version of Heroes of the City app. This time it's for kids between 0 to 2+ age range.

Heroes of the City Baby App

This Heroes of the City Baby app is perfect for your little ones because it's not only for entertainment but also educational! Aside from the 3 animated short movies (that is available in English & Swedish), there are also 4 readiness games for very young children about colors, tunes, and shapes!

The 3 short movies are introductory videos to the city’s heroes and community members. There is Paulie Police Car, Fiona Fire Truck, and Calamity Crow. The movies can be downloaded so you can watch it while travelling too.

The 4 games are Music Panel (with 2 themes), Shape Matching Game, Coloring Game, and Ballon Game.

Music Panel is a car driving music panel that is perfect while travelling. Perfect also for you because there aren’t any annoying sounds in it.

The Shape Matching Game is for older infant. It will help them the drag and drop along with matching shapes and colors.

Coloring Game is like your ordinary paint app but no tools to choose from BUT your kid will surely like how it changes color with every new stroke.

The Balloon Game is sure to be fun as it let’s the kid tap the screen and the balloon will pop. Completing a set of stars will show Calamity Crow holding a balloon that they can pop too!

It is not a perfect app for all kids but great enough for your babies ages 0-2+ years old. So it's perfect enough to give them some distraction while you are busy doing other task. The app is easy to use, entertaining, and educational as it teaches your kid valuable skills too! Who knows you might discover your baby's skill that young. With that, I am giving this app 5-Star!

This Heroes of the City Baby app will surely delight your kid and you because Calamity Crow's Introductory Video is hilarious. See this About Calamity Crow video below (he's my favorite because he is fun!):

More videos in Heroes of the City youtube channel! Also if your kid is into vehicle, it’s definitely worth checking out!

You can download it for free with no advertisement banners or in-app purchases. It's avaiable in Apple Store and Google Play. Again, It's FREE!

But the fun hasn’t stopped here. We are giving away a Heroes In The City Package! This is a great way to surprise your kid once they are into Heroes Of The City Characters already! Enter to win in Heroes In The City International Giveaway!


  1. same here. i like the crow too and i wish they sell die cast of it.

  2. The animation in the video looked very good. I can't believe that this generation starts on computers as early as 0-2 years, it's good though, just different from when I was a kid. I don't really care for the whole "good luck" - "bad luck" theme.

  3. I love that there is so much fun activities to do for the little ones, music , art, educational and so much more ;) great review and thanks for share


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